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Supporting Medicare for All

In the article, “Nursing students meet with lawmakers,” (Recorder, Feb. 13), one of the students in the GCC School of Nursing class asked lawmakers what nurses can do to get support for single-payer health care, also known as Medicare. for everything Good question!

Lawmakers responded by encouraging nurses to join “a dedicated but small group” and support the effort to pass Medicare for All in Massachusetts and nationally.

Medicare for All would provide all Massachusetts residents with free access to health care and eliminate insurance companies. There would be no need for insurance companies and taxpayers would save millions of dollars.

The invoices are HD 1584 and SD 2182. Please see these invoices for details.

There is actually a dedicated group in Franklin County that supports Medicare for All, but now there are dedicated groups throughout Western Massachusetts, and also in Boston, the South Shore, the Cape and other areas. All are members of the statewide coalition, the Massachusetts Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care ( In fact, one of the most important members of our coalition is the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

If it were up to the people of Massachusetts, Medicare for All would be the law of the land by now, deadlock is the way the Massachusetts legislature works. Committees have the power to prevent bills from ever reaching the floor. The Medicare for All bill is now stuck in the joint House-Senate Committee on Health Care Financing. More organization will be needed to get the bill before the Legislature.

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