Latest News on the Medicare Advantage Program

Coalition Support Bill to Improve Medicare Administration with Workers' Compensation

A coalition representing a group of stakeholders expressed support for the introduction this week of the “Medicare Payment Coordination and Workers’ Compensation Act,” or the “COMP Act.”

The bipartisan legislation introduced by Reps. Mike Carey (R-OH) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) seeks to clarify the law and the payments that must be made to workers’ compensation claimants who are also eligible for Medicare.

According to the coalition, a legislative solution is needed to clarify the withdrawal process and provide options for claimants, employers and workers’ compensation plans that are parties to workers’ compensation settlements.

The coalition said the proposal would:

Create certainty in the determination of the amounts that must be included in the reserved lands. Provide an appeals process for parties to CMS determinations. Increase Medicare revenue through optional direct payment of the full amount of the reservation payable to Medicare.

The proposal will benefit injured workers, employers, insurers and Medicare while creating a system of certainty and moving the settlement process forward while eliminating millions of dollars in administrative costs that hurt workers, employers, insurers and CMS, according to the coalition

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